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карта памяти для камеры сони When it comes to financial management in the field of real estate, we recognize that we are providing solutions solely for the transactions related to the purchase and sale of property. Our clients are looking for the best financial guidance for financing development and many other areas of the industry. Our expertise lies in identifying the best deals to address partnerships, tax liabilities, finance and management of your real estate portfolio to meet your specific needs. киста яичника симптомы у женщин причины Alberta has enjoyed a steady growth in the world of real estate over the past several years, but it has not always enjoyed the same benefits of other industries in terms of the advantages of incorporation. Because of that, many real estate professionals may not be optimizing their potential under their current structure. If your business is real estate, you should be taking advantage of the low-tax rate benefits to which peers in other industries have access.

Rutwind Brar provides expert advice on the best financial and tax strategies for the real estate trade in the following areas:

  • Operating a real estate brokerage
  • Financing construction and long term investment in real estate projects
  • Developing real estate projects for sale or lease
  • Managing construction including contracts, trades, cost control and budgeting
  • Managing the rental of properties as an agent of the owner
  • Managing the operation of strata/condominium corporations
  • Facilitating sales for third party vendors
  • Sourcing property and opportunities for developers and/or serving as a consultant
  • Provide feasibility studies for commercial clients
  • Working through re-zoning and development approvals for new properties
  • Developing designed build projects as directed by a client.
  • Working as a landscape architect or consultant specializing in ‘green’ building

Real Estate & Trusts

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рост производительности труда объема производства Whenever real estate development is facilitated through the use of a trust, it is required that the trust’s involvement in the project be subject to a formal audit. Rutwind Brar is qualified and experienced in the performance of these audits.

дорама тетрадь смерти I have recommended Rutwind Brar to my friends and colleagues and have no reservation in recommending them to others. They're smart, capable and most trustworthy.


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